apparently nothing

apparently nothing at all...

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I'm tired
My third eye
of alot of things...lot's and lot's of things. i don't believe there is a thing to do about it...I'm going to register to vote if this is true. that's for sure.

Thanksgiving alone yet again. sounds fun doesn't it? This time 100% percent alone. maybe i can make some sort of thanksgiving dinner. for myself. I'll be able to eat for 2 weeks if i purchase a turkey. it will be amazing.

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well.. i'd invite you over if you lived in CA still.

& hell yes for christopher walken. i think him & samuel l. jackson would be an amazing team. man.. when my brother told me that i died.

but uhmn yeah. you could give me a call sometime. or on thanksgiving. i'll keep you company mister.

freaking come to virginia's.
im making things with corn, man!

...but it's not true.

And all hail Dead Ringer!

- Justin B.

yeah, I looked it up and saw it was a hoax, but wishful thinking is good

hi i'm sarah i really like your live journal. how did you get the layout?

xx sarah

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